MARCH 22, 2019

     In recent years, our chapter has experienced great success with more and more members advancing to DECA's International Career Development Conference. However, the large expense of attending this event has been a challenge for qualifiers; our advisor, Mr. McNeal, has covered the costs in the past using a small fund built up over many years. Unfortunately, this fund is dwindling, and with it, the opportunity for hardworking students to continue their journey to the international competition.

     To combat this, Homestead DECA is hosting a fundraising Gala on March 22, 2019. Over one hundred DECA students, local business professionals, and successful DECA alumni will be invited. Beyond raising the needed funds for the club, we aim to bridge the gap between the business world and our business students. This goal is partially achieved through the DECA competition itself; additionally, directly working with a company adds value that can only be derived through personal experience. We hope to connect students to real world entrepreneurs and business people to show them possible career paths in Northeast Indiana. Recent trends show talented students setting their sights outside of the state, contributing to what has been dubbed the "Brain Drain". By opening our members' eyes to the opportunities in their own backyard, we hope to do our part in combating this issue and entice students to remain or return to the area.


Currently, we have received generous sponsorship from these community leaders as they support us in achieving our vision:

If you're interested in supporting Homestead DECA, either through a sponsorship or an in-kind donation for our silent auction, please contact our VPs of Fundraising, Vanessa Popescu or Ashley Federoff, at [email protected] or call us at 1(765)714-1352 for more information.